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Playing Tetris After Traumatic Event Reduces Occurrence of Negative Flashbacks

I found quite an interesting article today. Here’s some background information. Researchers conducted an experiment on healthy subjects and showed them a traumatic film with graphic images. Dr Emily Holmes from Oxford University says;

Our latest findings suggest Tetris is still effective as long as it’s played within a four hour window after viewing a stressful film‘.

She adds, ‘Whilst playing Tetris can reduce flashback type memories without wiping out the ability to make sense of the event, we have shown that not all computer games have this beneficial effect – some may have a detrimental effect on how people deal with traumatic memories‘.

Wow! Who’d think that a classic puzzle game would have such an effect? Also highlighted in the article, games which have the player answer general knowledge questions actually increase the¬†occurrence¬†of flashbacks. Link to the article here. Credits to Oxford University.