Android 4.1.1 Jellybean Arrives for The HTC One X

Three network rolled out an OTA update for HTC One X users to Android 4.1.1 at the beginning of this month. This promises to bring exciting new features to the handset including having HTC Sense 4+ UI.

One thing that is noticeable is when the screen changes orientation, this seems to be more snappier than before.

Another aspect is the new, sleek looking notifications bar which now has a nice big digital clock and the option to enable or disable power saver mode. This can be quite handy as you won’t need to go through several menus in the settings to get to it. Notifications of the same type can be expanded; such as emails, which is a neat feature to have.

There is also the introduction of Google Now which can be activated by long pressing the home button. The idea is to show smart information that relates to the user. Currently the cards that are available to my particular device are weather, ETA to commute home and photo spots nearby.

The behaviour of scrolling horizontally between homescreens has now changed. The user is now able to continue scrolling in one horizontal direction infinitely, such that when it reaches the end of the homescreen at either end, it would loop back on itself. Prior to the update one would have to scroll back and forth.

When opening the Gallery app the user is greeted with several icons. Clicking on the thumbnail labelled ‘My phone’ will show the user the photos on the phone. I was surprised to see that the layout has changed, photos are now ordered in a tile fashion, with time and location data. For those who wish to revert to the old style can do so by the drop down button and selecting ‘Albums’ instead of ‘Events’.

The Camera app has added a ‘switch camera’ button for easier access, and there is also the addition of information that displays how many photos you can take and how much video you can capture.

There is the addition of map view whereby it uses the geo-location data for photos taken on the phone and displays them on a map.

Those who are still to receive the update can manually check by heading to Settings -> About Phone -> Software Updates then select ‘Check now’. The update is around 360MB so those on a limited data plan are advised to do this over WiFi. Don’t forget to ensure the phone is on charge or has enough battery, and it is also recommended to back up data.


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